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humanAlexa, I want to listen to Fluffy Things.
alexaWelcome to Fluffy Things, a podcast about gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, and other fluffy things. Episode 1 is about how to care for your guinea pig... the Peruvian way.
speakerHi there, this is José Castro, today we're going to...
humanAlexa, Resume Fluffy Things.
alexaWelcome back. You were just starting episode 1. You have 21 minutes left.
speaker...There is a long history of these cute little creatures in the...
humanAlexa, Skip back.
alexaDo you want to go to the previous episode, or skip back a bit?
humanSkip back two minutes.
alexaSkipping back two minutes. range is a term taken very literally...

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It's free to try. We'll just need your RSS feed.


You can change just about anything.


We'll usher you through Amazon certification.


You're on Alexa! Fourthcast will host and monitor your skill.



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