Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alexa? What is an Echo or a Dot?

Alexa is the system and personality that you talk to with an Echo, Dot, or ther Alexa enabled device. The Echo and Dot are Amazon-released Alexa devices, but there are many other devices that support Alexa, including mobile phones, portable speakers, headphones, cars, and more.

What is an Alexa skill?

An Alexa skill is like an app, but for Alexa. Alexa users will discover and enable your skill to start listening to your podcast on Alexa devices. There is an Alexa skill library that allows users to browse for skills, rank them, and leave reviews.

Does Alexa already support podcasts?

Alexa has limited support for podcasts via TuneIn. TuneIn podcasts are not listed in the skills store and not all podcasts are available. Also, episodes would only be played in most recent to oldest order. TuneIn does not allow yout to be in control of the user's experience.

Can I try it out first?

Absolutely. We’ll setup the skill for you and let you take it for a spin in a private test before you have to make a decision if this is for you. Don’t have an echo or other Alexa device? That’s OK. You can use an Android or iOS app, or even a web app. Sign up now without any commitment. Sign up now, and we'll setup the skill for you to try out with no obligation.

Are there any contracts?

There are no contracts. You can downgrade or remove your podcast skill at any time without penalty. Also, you’ll remain in control of your content. Fourthcast hosts the skill, but all of the content belongs to you.

Will I have to add each episode?

Fourthcast will watch your podcast’s feed and update itself whenever you release a new episode. Using Fourthcast should be mostly hands-off once everything is setup.

What do I get with analytics

Analytics will tell you how many users are listening to your podcast and how frequently. We also measure listener rentention an reclaimed listeners.

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